A perfect result requires careful planning.

David Bales Design excels at developing comprehensive design based strategies for creative arts professionals, essential for achieving successful and efficient projects.

Sensitive design requires a balanced process, but which maintains the artistic goals as the primary consideration.

Dedication to the original design concept guides all structural and manufacturing decisions, allowing them to contribute to the realization of the project in the most elegant and affordable way. 

Integration of aesthetic and structural requirements is the crucial first step. 
A complete understanding of both art and technology helps to avoid mistakes and oversights, and eliminates production methods which might compromise the quality and beauty of the finished work.

In addition, a rigorous technical design phase based upon the preliminary concept art actually helps to clarify the artistic intent, and minimizes future undesirable structural or production based compromises.

This integrated process guides selection of materials and production methods from the very start, reducing fabrication risks, installation times and costs, and assuring project excellence at every step.